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Our Atelier

Our Atelier

More than 62 years' experience as the specialist in made-to-measure curtains.

Whether for a 20 centimetre window or a cruise ship with 8000 windows, each order placed with A House of Happiness is treated with the same care and enthusiasm. Each order is special and unique. After all, curtains are never made in series, they're always tailor-made.

A House of Happiness decorations specialist fulfils the most diverse of wishes. Covers for slanting roof windows or stage high curtains for a theatre stage, fire retardant office blinds or floaty transparencies for a conservatory, curtains made from delicate organza or more sturdy material...

By the way, our fabrics are also suitable for cushions, tie backs, plaids and poufs. They can be used to cover furniture in order to coordinate an interior, making it stylish and complete.

Most lengths of fabric are fed into the computer for cutting, with the exception of thin fabrics such as transparent voiles, which are carefully cut by hand, going with the grain. Each length then begins its journey through the many machines of the fabric processing department, until they are ready for steaming and packing into plastic sleeves for transport. A House of Happiness has all the latest technologies at its disposal, but also employs staff who have traditional skills.