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Cleaning advice

In order to prevent disappointments as a result of incorrect washing, please consult the following guidelines for cleaning curtains, in-between curtains, and net curtains.

Care label symbols

Limited programme max 40°C
Do not wash
Do not bleach
Do not tumble-dry
Max. 110°C
Do not iron
Mild professional cleaning process
No dry-cleaning

In order to realise the best result when cleaning curtains, in-between curtains and net curtains, we recommend DRY-CLEANING in most cases. However, there are some curtains that may not be dry-cleaned, and this is also shown in the care label symbols. Generally, the colours retain their colourfastness during dry-cleaning, the heft of the fabric is not affected, and any shrinkage is reduced to a minimum.

However, if you do wash your curtains, in-between curtains or net curtains, you should only do so in accordance with the care labels, and you must comply with the following rules. NB: The drum content of most domestic washing machines is too small!

  1. Plenty of water and detergent in a wash tub or bath, but do not let the curtains soak. For machine washing: fill the drum to maximum 2/3 to prevent major friction between the fabric and the drum, which can cause friction marks;
  2. Maximum temperature in accordance with washing instructions;
  3. Do not wring or scrub;
  4. Hang up wet;
  5. Discolouring during washing can be prevented by using a detergent for coloured or delicate fabrics without optical whitener or bleaching agent;
  6. Remember that shrinkage up to 3% is acceptable.
  7. Do not spin.

We cannot deal with complaints about fabrics that were not cleaned in accordance with the care label

If you wash your curtains yourself, you must remove the hooks first of course. Lightly coloured fabrics must be cleaned in time, as the dirt shows sooner.

Be careful with fabrics that have a puff print, which is a rubbery print. These fabrics may only be ironed indirectly, i.e. by using a cloth between the iron and the fabric, in order to prevent warping.

Care labels for curtain fabrics
If you can wash the curtains yourself, please remember the following:
  • Some fabrics must be ironed after washing if this is allowed by the care symbols.
  • Be extremely careful with steam ironing.
Washing instructions for folding curtains
When washing folding curtains, follow the washing instructions for the fabric. When washing a folding curtain, proceed as follows:
  • Undo the pull cords on the back of the product.
  • Now remove the cords, pulling them through the eyelets.
  • Remove the fabric from the Velcro.
  • If there are stiffening rods fitted, remove them and wash the fabric according to the washing instructions.
Washing instructions for in-betweens
Most in-betweens can be washed at home, if this is indicated in the treatment symbols. If the in-betweens themselves may be washed, take the following into account.
  • Most fabrics must be ironed after washing, if this is allowed according to the treatment symbols.
  • Be extremely careful with steam ironing.
Washing instructions for net curtains
Most net curtains are made from 100% polyester, which makes them easy to wash. One of the advantages of polyester is namely that it hardly creases or shrinks at all.
  • If the treatment symbols indicate that the net curtains must be washed by hand, we advise you to use plenty of water at a maximum temperature of 30°C.
  • If the treatment symbols indicate that the net curtains can be machine washed, we advise you to use a washing bag (a pillowslip for example), in order to prevent rubbing.
  • Do not spin
Velvet curtains
You cannot wash velvet curtains, but you can spray them with water. If your velvet curtains are crumpled or crushed, you can spray them with a plant spray; then keep the curtains closed until they are dry. We recommend curtain tassels or curtain rods to keep your curtains looking beautiful for as long as possible.