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Salesteam (for the retail trade only)

Account management is an essential part of our work.

A unique bar code allows us to follow each phase of the production process in detail. The retailer always has contact with a friendly staff member in the customer-service department - his or her own contact person. The many account managers of House of Happiness at home and abroad are also pleased to answer any questions.


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Customer service,personal contact with the specialists:

Vriesco International Fabrics maintains offices in both Leeuwarden as well as in Borgerhout where the customer may place orders. The customer will not find himself engaged in conversation with a talking computer yet instead will come in contact with a friendly and helpful employee who will always be his account representative. Through this personal contact, the customer may not only make his preferences known, he may also request help with a calculation or in choosing an alternative. Collection advice is also an option. The account representative has access to all of the actual stock levels and may provide immediate guidance for measured and cut pieces and made-to-measure services.